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Facial Rejuvenation in Edmonton

What is Facial Acupuncture?

Facial Rejuvenation | Cosmetic Acupuncture Edmonton

Facial Rejuvenation | Cosmetic Acupuncture Edmonton

Even though facial acupuncture is a “facial” treatment, it is part of a whole-body experience that can restore balance, treat symptoms, and address any underlying conditions that may be contributing to stress, anxiety, insomnia, poor digestion, and headaches.

Typically, after a full-body acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist will also perform acupuncture techniques specifically on your face. It is usually recommended that facial acupuncture be done as part of a whole-body treatment instead of performed in isolation. This is because focusing acupuncture on the face and not the whole body can create energy congestion in the face alone which can lead to dullness, headaches, and discomfort.

When it comes to facial acupuncture, tiny and painless needles are inserted on the face to create positive microtraumas – microscopic wounds that stimulate the lymphatic and circulatory systems which deliver nutrients and oxygen to your skin cells.

This nourishes the skin from the inside out, helps with complexion, and promotes your skin’s natural glow. The positive microtrauma also encourages the production of collagen which improves elasticity and minimizes wrinkles.

It’s no wonder that facial acupuncture is considered to be a natural facelift!

Acupuncture of the face falls under two categories: facial acupuncture and cosmetic acupuncture.

  • Facial acupuncture is used to treat the symptoms of conditions that affect the facial muscles and tissues such as muscle stiffness, headaches, allergies, and jaw aches.
  • Cosmetic acupuncture is used to specifically rejuvenate the skin.

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Dr. Ciara Moynihan

Position: Acupuncturist & Reiki
Categories: Acupuncture, Anxiety, Back Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Cupping, Cycle Health and PMS, Depression, Digestive Health, Emotional Health, Facial Rejuvenation, Gua Sha, Headaches & Migraines, Hot Flashes, Insomnia and Sleep Health, Menopause, Pain Management, Pediatric Acupuncture, PTSD, Reiki, Respiratory Health, Sinuses, Soft Tissue Injury, Sports Injury, Stress, Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ), Whiplash

In a world that is constantly moving, in which we continually push ourselves to achieve more, do more, and be more, Dr. Moynihan believes that a gentler approach with ourselves and our bodies will achieve an overall greater well-being, and that all else flows from there. Acupuncture is the modality she uses to help people explore and heal deeper issues within their bodies, opening up their capacity to truly thrive.

After working in the health and fitness industry as a Personal Fitness Trainer for many years, Dr. Moynihan bore witness to the many patterns of roadblocks that clients can face in their quest for wellness. Working closely with her clients’ bodies for years she observed the undeniable and powerful energy the body has. This insight, coupled with her innate desire to help others attain a deeper level of physical, emotional, and mental healing, led her to become a certified Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Healer and Doctor of Acupuncture.

Dr. Moynihan is widely known for her therapeutic touch, gentleness and compassionate approach. Her main treatment goal is to create an environment where all her clients feel comfortable, and have an understanding of what is occurring within their body and why. Accomplished in the art of traditional Chinese medicine, she is able to assist with a myriad of ailments and disease states such as pain management, digestion, insomnia, and anxiety. Dr. Moynihan has completed additional highly specialized, Cosmetic and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture training from leading Oriental Medicine practitioners, and has also attained Subconscious Imprinting certification. Subconscious Imprinting Technique is one of the most effective ways to discover and remove subconscious beliefs, decisions and patterns that are negatively influencing your health, relationships, and the way you show up in your life.


  • Diploma of Acupuncture (Dipl.Ac) Reeves College


  • RAc, College and Association of Acupuncturists of Alberta (CAA)
Acupuncturist & Reiki

Dr. Ciara Moynihan

In a world that is constantly moving, in which we...

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