Our Clinical Staff

Tammy Lalonde (CEO and Registered Acupuncturist)

Caring for people is my passion and one of the greatest callings life has to offer.  I am a seasoned Paramedic and Acupuncturist with extensive experience assisting patients as they cope with obvious and invisible injuries. I have been there for those in desperate medical, psychological or traumatic situations, delivered beautiful babies in vehicles parked along the side of the road, and administered care in such odd locations as on a domestic airliner at 30,000 feet or when flying emergency medevacs over Arabian desertscapes. I know full well how to care for those in true crisis but have also witnessed so many more whose illnesses and injuries could be traced back to their treatment of the body as a whole, whether through their diet, fitness levels, or neglect. As my career has evolved, so has my focus, which has shifted to helping a greater number of people early on to prevent minor issues from evolving into larger and costlier illnesses.  In my practice I have found a niche offering by pairing these strengths in emergency care and women’s health with the respected skills and techniques from top practitioners in oriental medicine. All care is focused on returning the body, mind, and spirit to a whole.

My academic preparation closely incorporates oriental medicine with Western healthcare. My passions build on natural strengths in highly stressful complex interactions, care management, and treatment of anxiety, depression and PTSD – particularly amongst Armed Forces and Emergency Services personnel. Within North America and the Middle East I have enjoyed a long standing career as a respected clinician, clinical educator, fire and emergency medical dispatcher.  I hold active licensure with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), the College of Acupuncture and Associates of Alberta (CAAA) and the California Acupuncture Board.  I am a past Board Director with the Alberta Pain Society.


  • Master of Science (M.S.) – Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, cum laude, South Baylo University
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.) – Holistic Science, South Baylo University
  • DIPL – Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic), Augustana University


  • Dipl.Ac, National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • RAc, College of Acupuncture and Associates of Alberta
  • LAc, California Acupuncture Board

Ciara Buchan (Registered Acupuncturist)

In a world that is constantly moving, in which we push ourselves constantly to achieve more, do more, be more… Ciara believes that a gentler approach with ourselves and our bodies will achieve greater well-being. All else flows from here.

Ciara became an Acupuncturist to help facilitate for others a deeper level of healing in the body that works on all levels – physical, emotional, and mental. After working in the health and fitness industry as a Personal Fitness Trainer for over 15 years, she saw a pattern of roadblocks that many clients faced.

Having worked closely with clients’ bodies for years it became undeniable to her how powerful the energy of the body is, and this led Ciara to become a certified Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer prior to her becoming an Acupuncturist.

Acupuncture is a modality that helps people explore and heal deeper issues in their bodies, opening up the capacity to truly thrive.

Ciara has a passion for both Cosmetic and Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture and completed further extensive training under Acupuncturist Michelle Gellis who is a leading educator in this field. Ciara’s experience will also help you in a myriad of other issues, such as relieving pain, infertility, digestion, insomnia, and anxiety amongst others.

Her commitment with on-going education to offer the most to her patients also led her to complete her Subconscious Imprinting Practitioner Training certification. Subconscious Imprinting Technique is one of the most effective ways to discover and remove subconscious beliefs, decisions and patterns that are negatively influencing your health, relationships, and the way you show up in your life.

Ciara has a gentle and compassionate approach as a practitioner. Her main goal is to create an environment where all her clients feel comfortable and have an understanding of what is occurring within their body and why.

Note: At this time Ciara is not accepting fertility and pregnancy patients. 


  • Diploma of Acupuncture (Dipl.Ac) Reeves College


  • RAc, College of Acupuncture and Associates of Alberta

Kristel Campbell (Registered Massage Therapist). Note: presently on maternity leave.

Kristel loves helping people on their wellness journey and, through massage therapy, she has witnessed the impact healing touch plays within holistic care. Kristel studied massage therapy at Mount Royal University in 2003 and has been practicing in different clinical settings for the past 15 years. Over the course of her career she has experienced just how connected the body really is.  Wanting to expand her knowledge and skill sets she returned back to university studies. In 2016 she attended the National Manual Osteopathic College in Red Deer, Alberta where her studies focused on utilizing all available modern manual medicine techniques to assess injury and diseases of muscles, bones, joints, organs and nerves.

Kristel uses her massage therapy skills, focusing on fascial release, visceral manipulation, cupping and craniosacral therapy to help her clients return back to being able to accomplish the things they love doing and to live in as pain free a manner as possible.

Kristel likes to treat a wide variety of neurovascular, musculoskeletal, and obstetrical syndromes such as low back/pelvic pain, traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussions, whiplash, pregnancy, temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, structural and posture improvements.  Her focus is on chronic care and rehabilitation.

Kristel loves to learn from and experience other regions.  She has travelled around the world for work, studies, and personal growth.  She grew up in small town Saskatchewan and has lived in Calgary, Halifax and Edmonton. Kristel also enjoys spending time with her great dane Odin.


  • Mount Royal University
  • National Manual Osteopathic College


  • RMT, Massage Therapist Association of Alberta
  • NHPC, Natural Health Practitioners of Canada
  • NMOS, National Manual Osteopathic Society

Chauntelle McLennan (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Personal Fitness Trainer)

When it comes to fitness and nutrition balance is key. Whether you’re new to fitness and looking to shed those extra few pounds or a fitness junky looking for something new to push yourself to the next level, I can and would love to help you.

I am a C.H.N.C. for short. Otherwise known as a Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant which I obtained from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I am also a Personal Fitness Trainer and Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert. I make all of my food plans custom to your specific needs and goals. My passion is to help guide people to live the most active and healthy lifestyle as they possibly can.

My passion for health and fitness, coupled with my desire to help people live the best quality of life possible led me to becoming a certified personal trainer. I strongly believe in leading an active lifestyle, balancing all the compulsory components of wellness.   I have extensive experience leading group training sessions as well as personal home workouts.


  • CERT – Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant
  • CERT – Personal Fitness Trainer, CanFitPro
  • CERT – Emergency Medical Responder (EMR), Emergency Services Academy


  • C.H.N.C, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
  • PTS, CanFitPro
Yoko Masuda

Yoko Masuda (Registered Acupuncturist)

Yoko received her acupuncture degree in Japan and after working at several clinics in Tokyo was offered a position as the full time acupuncturist with a Cirque du Soleil touring show. Over the last 18 years, she has gone on to travel the world while working on several other Cirque shows, earning the respect of an international group of both artists and staff. While she continues to work with athletes, she now enjoys seeing a more varied clientele.

She is dedicated to her craft and continues to take acupuncture courses in both Japan and Canada. She incorporates gentle needling, moxibustion (specific deep heat), therme (specific superficial heat) and cupping into her practice, depending on the needs of the client.

With a previous background in education (she is a former high school physical education teacher) and sport (she is a former member of the Japanese national rhythmic gymnastics team, competing internationally on numerous occasions), she has a unique combination of experience and skills.

She believes that the mind and the bodywork together in healing and advocates for a healthy lifestyle.She enjoys travelling, the outdoors, and spending time with her husband and 2 elementary-aged daughters.


  • Diploma of Acupuncture, Hanada College, Tokyo, Japan


  • RAc, College of Acupuncture and Associates of Alberta
Aly Daly

Aly Daly (Administrative Assistant, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, and
Certified Yoga Instructor)

With over a decade of administrative experience in the wellness industry, Aly has
continually had the privilege to see the life changing shifts that happen when individuals
invest in their own wellness. Aly’s affinity for wellness began on her yoga mat where she
discovered the healing that can be experienced when one reconnects with their innermost
self. Observing how transformational yoga can be has inspired her to share it with others.
In 2013 she began her teaching journey in a 200-Hour Hatha Yoga program facilitated at
Yoga Within in Edmonton. Since then, she has completed yoga training programs for
Ashtanga, Yin, Purna, and Ayurvedic Wellness. In 2016 Aly graduated from The
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and has since weaved the wisdom of nutrition into
both her personal and professional pursuits.

When Aly is not on the yoga mat, she can be found blissing out with self-care rituals or
snuggled up with her cats and a good book. Aly is passionate about holding space for
others to feel safe and to cultivate self-love. This love is what regenerates, nourishes and
heals the deepest parts of us so that we may feel the abundance that has always been
present, fully connected and harmoniously experiencing the magic of each moment as we
ebb and flow within the natural rhythm of the universe.


  • CERT – Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant
  • CERT – 700-Hour Yoga Instructor


  • C.H.N.C, Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
  • RYT, Yoga Association of Alberta

Our Support Staff

Sarah Zuchotzki (Administrative Assistant)

Sarah comes from a community aid background where she worked with individuals with disabilities and she was drawn to our clinic for the personalized practice that we offer in ensuring that all of our patients get the best treatment!

She enjoys getting to meet all of our patients here at Red Leaf Wellness and getting to witness first hand on how our Practitioners improve the lives of our patients. You’ll find her contagious smile at the front desk and ready to help you with whatever you need.

In Sarah’s spare time she is mostly outdoors walking her cute as a button puppy, hiking, snowboarding and being out with her close friends, aka small cohort. Sarah is a sincere, caring person who enjoys helping others and making them smile and laugh.

Daniel Lalonde (Head of Operations)

Global healthcare and life science information systems executive with a complimentary clinical background. I support all aspects of clinical and business operations for Red Leaf Wellness overseeing marketing, information management, privacy, business development, outreach, and evaluating future growth.


  • Master of Laws (LLM) – University of Toronto
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) – University of Alberta
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) – Dalhousie University
  • DIPL – Applied Information Technology, Information Technology Institute
  • DIPL – Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic), Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
  • CERT – Firefighter Level I and II


  • PMP, Project Management Institute
  • ITIL, Axelos Global Best Practice
  • Lean Greenbelt for Healthcare, Institute of Industrial Engineers
  • REMT-P, Alberta College of Paramedics