Deep Tissue Massage vs Cupping for Pain in Edmonton

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Both deep tissue massage and cupping are effective therapies for healing the body and alleviating pain. They can either be utilized separately on their own or be combined together to achieve the desired results.


Deep Tissue Massage For Pain


Deep tissue massage involves using slow, deep strokes to knead and compress the inner layers of your muscles and connective tissues. The pressure applied can be quite strong and can on occasion leave some light bruising, depending on your body. This form of massage is used to treat musculoskeletal issues, such as strains and sports injuries. It works to break up scar tissue as well as reduce tension in the muscles and tissues. This method of massage also promotes faster healing by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.


Cupping For Pain


Cupping is also a form of deep-tissue massage, but is done with a lifting action, rather than compressing downwards. This facilitates movement and healing within the muscles, fascia, and fluids of the body. Cupping draws blood and fluids into the superficial vessels and temporarily fills them. This usually creates a mark that resembles a bruise or rash. The depth of colour of these marks will vary depending on the presence and amount of old, stagnated blood and fluids that are drawn up out of injuries. This resulting discoloration is temporary and does fades away within a few days. Unlike a bruise that feels sore to the touch, the treated area is painless, and benefits from the increased blood flow. The process of drawing out stagnant blood from injured, congested areas, also pulls in new blood flow into the area, all of which provides immediate pain relief.


There are many different types of cups, but all of them create the negative pressure or vacuum needed. Though, the most common styles of cups used are silicone cups, glass or ceramic fire cups, and plastic pump cups. Some are even shaped as a heart!


Indications and Benefits


Have you ever felt so tight that the massage therapist could stand on the table, and it still wouldn’t feel deep enough? Well, when the body is harbouring a lot of tension, requesting more pressure during a deep tissue massage, is not necessarily the most effective way of releasing the tissue on a deeper level. Cupping is an amazing way to experience deep tissue massage more comfortably with greater benefits for reaching the many deep layers of tissue. The suction of the cups can reach tissue and muscle up to 4 inches deep! So, you will see and feel more results, in less time than with massage alone; even after just one treatment! Imagine how you could feel after a few treatments of cupping…


You can schedule cupping on its own with any of our Massage Therapists or add it to your next massage or acupuncture appointment to elevate your experience!


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