Ultimate Guide to Hypnotherapy in Edmonton: The Definitive Top 10 Best Clinical Hypnotherapy Clinics

Ultimate Guide to Hypnotherapy in Edmonton: The Definitive Top 10 Best Clinical Hypnotherapy Clinics

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Welcome to our comprehensive guide, the “Ultimate Guide to Hypnotherapy in Edmonton: The Definitive Top 10 Best Clinical Hypnotherapy Clinics“. Embark on an enlightening journey as we navigate through the finest hypnotherapy clinics in this vibrant city. As a prominent hypnotherapy service provider, we recognize the importance of furnishing precise and comprehensive insights for those exploring alternative therapeutic approaches. In this article, we delve into the realm of hypnotherapy, unveiling its merits, delving into treatment methodologies, and spotlighting the standout clinics we feel surpass the rest.

If you’re in search of the most effective and reliable clinical hypnotherapy treatments in this region, you’ve reached the ideal resource to assist you in making an informed clinic selection.

Unveiling the World of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Its Benefits

Welcome to the world of clinical hypnotherapy, a potent therapeutic avenue that taps into the subconscious mind to address an array of psychological and emotional challenges. This non-intrusive technique guides individuals into a profound state of relaxation, fostering openness to constructive suggestions and behavioral transformations. Renowned for treating anxiety, phobias, stress, addiction, and pain management, hypnotherapy offers a path to profound healing and personal growth. By harnessing the power of hypnosis, adept practitioners empower individuals to access their inner resources, paving the way for transformative change.

Benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy:

  • Stress Reduction: Hypnotherapy induces deep relaxation, alleviating stress and tension, and promoting overall well-being.
  • Anxiety Management: Hypnotherapy helps individuals confront and manage anxiety triggers, fostering a sense of calm and control.
  • Addiction Treatment: By targeting subconscious behaviors, hypnotherapy aids in addiction recovery, supporting individuals in breaking free from harmful habits.
  • Pain Management: Hypnosis can reduce the perception of pain, making it an effective complementary approach for chronic pain sufferers.
  • Behavioral Change: Hypnotherapy enables individuals to alter undesirable behaviors, such as smoking or overeating, promoting healthier choices.
  • Enhanced Sleep: Through relaxation and positive suggestion, hypnotherapy can improve sleep quality and address insomnia.
  • Phobia Resolution: Hypnosis aids in addressing phobias, helping individuals confront and overcome irrational fears.
  • Confidence Boost: Hypnotherapy enhances self-esteem and self-confidence, empowering individuals to achieve their goals.
  • Emotional Healing: By delving into the subconscious, hypnotherapy facilitates emotional healing and the processing of past traumas.
  • Improved Focus: Hypnosis can sharpen focus and concentration, aiding individuals in achieving their desired outcomes.

Guiding Excellence Through Comprehensive Evaluation

In the realm of hypnotherapy clinics, a structured evaluation framework is indispensable for informed decision-making. This framework comprises clinical, operational, reputation, outreach, and marketing criteria, each with assigned weights reflecting its significance. This guide sheds light on the pivotal role of each criterion in determining clinic quality, accessibility, and credibility.

Clinical Criteria: Elevating Standards and Ensuring Safety2023-08-27T19:39:06+00:00
  • Governing Body (Weight 5): Robust governing bodies stand as cornerstones of ethical practice, engendering adherence to standards, and ensuring client safety. Their establishment of guidelines fosters credibility and accountability, ultimately elevating both trust and clinic reputation. The governing bodies encompass CACHE, ACHE, ARCH, IACT, and more, with scores reflective of their regulatory functions and ethical oversight. The presence of a governing body underscores a clinic’s dedication to excellence, ethics, and client well-being.
  • Services Offered (Weight 4): Distinguished clinics offer a comprehensive array of specialized services, underscoring their commitment to holistic well-being. Behavioral, cognitive, and regression hypnotherapy, medical hypnotherapy, and various other modalities address a spectrum of psychological challenges. The inclusion of past life regression therapy merits careful consideration due to its lack of scientific substantiation and inherent risks.
  • Integrative Care (Weight 5): This criterion assesses a clinic’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, reflecting its genuine engagement with various healthcare disciplines. Clinics excelling in integrative care prioritize interdisciplinary communication, showcasing a team-based approach that enhances comprehensive patient treatment. Authentic integration distinguishes clinics with superficial fusion, offering holistic patient care.
  • Level of Service Provided (Weight 5): With standardized credentials in hypnotherapy lacking, respected organizations like CACHE, ACHE, and ARCH serve as markers for clinical competency. Equivalences and evidence of self-regulation further contribute to evaluation. This criterion ensures an informed assessment and aids patients in making well-informed healthcare choices.
Operational Criteria: Facilitating Seamless Care and Accessibility2023-08-27T19:39:49+00:00
  • Number of Hypnotherapists (Weight 2): A clinic’s capacity and maturity are reflected through the number of hypnotherapists, indicating inbound and outbound referral management.
  • Direct Billing Offered (Weight 1): This measure offers insights into business maturity and capacity for referral management.
  • Digital Enablement (Weight 2): A measure of business maturity and capacity for referral management, assessing the clinic’s technological accessibility.
  • Remote/Telehealth Capability (Weight 4): Vital for accessibility, privacy, and modern trends, remote telehealth extends care, reduces stigma, and enhances convenience and engagement.
  • Management Team (Weight 3): Reflects the clinic’s adaptability and continuity, considering remote telehealth’s accessibility and privacy advantages.
Reputation Criteria: Shaping Clinical Credibility and Customer Service2023-08-27T19:40:03+00:00
  • Google Online Review Volume (Weight 4), Online Review Ranking (Weight 4), and Awards (Weight 4): Reputation management indicators collectively showcase clinical excellence, customer service, and an organization’s proactive approach to addressing adverse events.
Outreach Criteria: Fostering Engagement and Inclusivity2023-08-27T19:40:23+00:00
  • Partnerships (Weight 4): Formal collaborations underscore integrative care commitment and collaborative engagement.
  • Community (Inclusivity, Marginalized and Underserved Populations) (Weight 2): Demonstrates the ability to serve diverse community groups, signaling inclusivity.
Marketing Criteria: Navigating Visibility and Reputation Management2023-08-27T19:40:44+00:00
  • Website Authority (Weight 3) and Social Media Handles (Weight 1): The clinic’s web presence, website authority, and social media engagement offer visibility markers, reflecting commitment to reputation management and marketing.

In the dynamic realm of hypnotherapy clinics, this evaluation empowers decision-making. Exceptional care tailored to individual needs awaits at our clinic or any identified exceptional clinics. This guide steers patients towards informed choices, ensuring an optimized healthcare journey.

Evaluating the Top Hypnotherapy Clinics in Edmonton

Our methodology involved a thorough examination of numerous hypnotherapy clinics across Edmonton. From this extensive pool, we meticulously evaluated each clinic’s performance against our rigorous criteria. While a multitude of clinics were assessed, our guide highlights the top 10 that demonstrated exceptional performance in alignment with our criteria. This guide is the culmination of transparent research, drawing exclusively from publicly available sources. Notably, no direct clinic interviews were conducted, and claims made by clinics were not independently verified. The accuracy of the information presented reflects our best efforts at the time of publication, with readers advised to exercise caution considering potential newer updates. It’s important to underscore that our assessment process did not involve direct contact with clinics for input, and no fees were accepted for inclusion. The primary goal of this guide is to provide an unbiased resource that empowers readers to make well-informed decisions in their pursuit of optimal healthcare solutions.

Red Leaf Wellness: Nurturing Health and Well-Being Through Integrative Care2023-08-27T17:35:56+00:00

Red Leaf Wellnes: Best Clinical Hypnotherapy

Leveraging the clinical expertise of Ms. Anjali Nagda, Red Leaf Wellness represents a leader of comprehensive well-being. With integrative care as its cornerstone, the clinic caters to diverse populations, offering personalized solutions and fostering a collaborative approach to holistic well-being.

  • Clinical Criteria: Ms. Anjali Nagda, a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (RCH) affiliated with the Canada Association of Counselling Hypnotherapists and Educators (CACHE), exhibits a robust foundation. Her background in Clinical Psychology is complemented by experience at a De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center, culminating in a yearlong training at a prestigious Indian university. Her membership with AoH (Association of Hypnotists), India, and CCPA (Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association), Canada, further bolster her credentials. The successful completion of the CACHE membership examination attests to her commitment to excellence, fostering a high level of trust with clients.
  • Operational Criteria: Red Leaf Wellness stands as a model of operational refinement, demonstrated by its array of comprehensive business strategies, streamlined operational practices, and unwavering dedication to pioneering advancements. Functioning seamlessly within an integrative healthcare team, the clinic also demonstrates a forward-thinking approach through advanced digital enablement. This strategic integration enhances patient experiences, elevates operational efficiency, and underscores the clinic’s commitment to continuous innovation.
  • Reputation Criteria: A prolific online review volume of 170, coupled with a remarkable ranking of 4.9, testifies to the clinic’s exceptional reputation. While accolades extend beyond hypnotherapy, the clinic enjoys an array of awards that reflect a solid community standing.
  • Outreach Criteria: As a founding member of the Restore+ Network, Red Leaf Wellness engages in integrative care endeavors, fostering a holistic health approach. The clinic’s inclusive services for seniors, first responders, and the LGBTQ+ community showcase its commitment to diverse populations.
  • Marketing Criteria: With a website authority of 17 and active presence across social media platforms, Red Leaf Wellness establishes a robust digital footprint. The clinic’s strategic use of online platforms amplifies its reach and engagement.

Conclusion: Red Leaf Wellness emerges as a beacon of integrative healing, driven by Ms. Anjali Nagda’s extensive qualifications. The clinic’s digital acumen, community partnerships, and dedication to inclusivity are remarkable. Notable findings, including free community sessions, underscore the clinic’s commitment to holistic well-being.

Francis Hypnosis: Unveiling Transformative Pathways2023-08-27T17:26:55+00:00

Francis Hypnosis

Discover the power of transformation with Francis Hypnosis, where expert hypnotherapy services offer effective solutions for various challenges, empowering clients to achieve positive life changes.

  • Clinical Criteria: Gordon Francis, a product of Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta, shines as a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist within the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE). His commitment to continuous training is evident, underlining a dedication to staying abreast of advancements in the field.
  • Operational Criteria: Francis Hypnosis focuses on individualized care, offering specialized therapeutic interventions across a spectrum of concerns including anxiety, stress, and smoking cessation. The absence of integrative care models might limit collaborative treatment approaches.
  • Reputation Criteria: Gordon Francis garners a noteworthy online review volume of 53, coupled with an impeccable 5.0 review ranking. The clinic’s empathetic approach and success in smoking cessation interventions underscore its impact.
  • Outreach Criteria: The clinic’s offerings and reach appear localized, with no formal partnerships or initiatives for diverse populations noted.
  • Marketing Criteria: The clinic’s digital presence is limited, characterized by a website authority of 10 and an absence of active social media channels. This hampers its visibility and engagement within the online sphere.

Conclusion: Francis Hypnosis, under Gordon Francis’s expertise, operates within a personalized therapeutic paradigm. The clinic’s successes in smoking cessation and client rapport are apparent. However, areas such as digital enablement, community engagement, and strategic partnerships could be explored to amplify the clinic’s impact.

Best Bodies Counselling & Hypnotherapy: Nurturing Wellness Through Integrative Hypnotherapy and Counseling2023-08-27T17:25:54+00:00

Best Bodies Clinical Counseling Hypnotherapy


Best Bodies distinguishes itself through its client-centered and solution-focused approach to counseling and hypnotherapy. Led by Lisa Best, the clinic specializes in addressing anxiety and panic while extending its services to encompass stress management, confidence building, weight loss, and more. The integration of registered provisional psychologists and social workers underscores the clinic’s commitment to comprehensive care, positioning it as a dynamic therapeutic hub for transformative emotional breakthroughs.

  • Clinical Criteria: Affiliated with the Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH) and the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapist Association (IMDHA), the clinic’s commitment to professional standards is apparent.
  • Operational Criteria: Lisa Best’s client-centered and solution-focused approach is a cornerstone of Best Bodies Clinic. While anxiety and panic form primary areas of focus, the clinic addresses an array of concerns including stress, confidence, weight loss, and self-destructive behaviors. Integrative care within the clinic is underscored by the presence of Registered Provisional Psychologist and Registered Social Worker, contributing to a comprehensive therapeutic framework.
  • Reputation Criteria: With a small volume of 15 online reviews, Best Bodies Clinic communicates transformative feedback from clients, who attest to Lisa’s adeptness in guiding them through significant emotional breakthroughs. Positive life changes and improved mental well-being underscore the clinic’s therapeutic impact.
  • Outreach Criteria: Although the clinic operates within an integrative care paradigm and offers versatile services, explicit partnerships and initiatives catering to diverse populations are not noted.
  • Marketing Criteria: Best Bodies Clinic demonstrates digital enablement through online web booking via JaneApp. Virtual video services bolster remote access, while a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn forms its social media strategy. Despite a low website authority of 4.3, the absence of blogs could limit the clinic’s online engagement.

Conclusion: Best Bodies, helmed by Lisa Best, emerges as a haven for client-centered hypnotherapy and counseling. The clinic’s transformative impact is evident, particularly in anxiety and panic intervention.

Positive Power Plus: Focused Therapeutic Expertise2023-08-27T17:26:16+00:00

Positive Power Plus

Positive Power Plus, under the guidance of Ms. Rosa Marrazzo, stands as a dedicated hub for clinical hypnotherapy and coaching services. With a specialized focus on smoking cessation and diverse self-improvement techniques, the clinic offers a transformative experience for clients seeking personalized growth.

  • Clinical Criteria: Ms. Rosa Marrazzo, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and member of prestigious bodies such as the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, helms Positive Power Plus. Her diverse role as a Certified Personal Coach and Group Facilitator adds depth to her therapeutic approach.
  • Operational Criteria: Positive Power Plus Clinic extends a range of hypnotherapy services, from smoking cessation and weight loss to stress management and life coaching. The clinic’s expertise spans self-hypnosis for self-confidence, sports performance enhancement, and past life regression.
  • Reputation Criteria: While the clinic’s online review volume is notably small, comprising only 3 reviews, it maintains a flawless 5.0 review ranking. The commendation of Ms. Rosa Marrazzo’s expertise in smoking cessation within these limited testimonials accentuates her therapeutic proficiency.
  • Outreach Criteria: While the clinic caters to English and Italian-speaking communities, explicit partnerships or initiatives for marginalized populations are not noted.
  • Marketing Criteria: The clinic’s website authority only stands at 2.7, reflecting a limited online presence. Google, Facebook, and Instagram serve as its social media channels, contributing to its digital strategy.

Conclusion: Positive Power Plus, led by Ms. Rosa Marrazzo, embodies a dedicated approach to clinical hypnotherapy and coaching. The clinic’s strengths lie in smoking cessation interventions and personalized services. Opportunities for growth include enhancing website authority and potentially expanding outreach initiatives.


Success and More: Holistic Expertise and Experience2023-08-27T17:04:57+00:00

Success and More

Success and More, under the guidance of Ms. Anny Slegten, stands as a bastion of diverse therapeutic services including hypnosis, reiki, and counseling. With decades of experience, bilingual proficiency, and a commitment to transparent advisories, the clinic offers a robust platform for clients seeking holistic growth.

  • Clinical Criteria: Ms. Anny Slegten, the director of the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta and the Reiki Training Centre of Canada, brings extensive expertise to Success and More. Her proficiency spans hypnosis, reiki, energy healing, and one-on-one hypnosis counseling for a wide array of issues.
  • Operational Criteria: While digital enablement remains unclear, the clinic offers remote and telehealth capabilities. Notably, Ms. Slegten’s experience since 1984 underscores her seasoned practice, further amplified by her fluency in English and French.
  • Reputation Criteria: With a minimal online review volume of 3 and an average ranking of 3.7, the scarcity of data hinders drawing conclusive assessments. The presence of both positive and negative feedback, notably encompassing a remote healing session, underscores the need to manage expectations meticulously in the realm of virtual clinical interactions.
  • Outreach Criteria: Despite the absence of explicit partnerships or initiatives, Ms. Slegten’s prolific authorship and dedicated webpage for testimonials contribute to the clinic’s outreach.
  • Marketing Criteria: The clinic’s website authority of 25 reflects a very strong online presence. However, the absence of social media channels could limit its reach.

Conclusion: Success and More, overseen by Ms. Anny Slegten, showcases an impressive tenure in the field of hypnosis and reiki. The clinic’s strengths encompass a broad service spectrum, seasoned experience, and transparent advisories for seeking medical advice.

Tina Gal Counselling Psychology: Nurturing Growth Through Therapeutic Expertise2023-08-27T17:06:30+00:00

Tina Gal Counselling Psychology


Tina Gal Counselling Psychology serves as a pivotal source of assistance, extending a comprehensive range of therapeutic services to individuals, couples, and families. Under Tina Gal’s adept guidance, the clinic cultivates an enriching milieu that encourages profound self-exploration and transformative personal growth.

  • Clinical Criteria: Tina Gal’s professional membership with the Alberta Clinical Hypnosis Society, coupled with intermediate training in clinical hypnosis, underpins her therapeutic foundation. Advanced training in Somatic Experiencing with SETI and Trauma Informed practices further accentuate her skills.
  • Operational Criteria: Tina Gal’s diverse clientele range from individuals and couples to teens and families. The provision of virtual appointments and a user-friendly online booking system via JaneApp reflect operational adaptability.
  • Reputation Criteria: With only a small online review volume of 8 this clinic has a perfect 5.0 ranking. Clients applaud Tina for her integral qualities as a therapist. Commendations encompass her empathetic presence, intuitive insights, and skillful validation, fostering a nurturing therapeutic environment.
  • Outreach Criteria: While partnerships and community initiatives remain unspecified, Tina’s presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, along with a history of blog posts, showcases outreach efforts.
  • Marketing Criteria: A website authority of 3.9 signifies a low online authority. The clinic’s commitment to tailored consultations, coupled with a seamless digital interface for appointment requests, bolsters its marketing approach.

Conclusion: Tina Gal Counselling Psychology, guided by Tina Gal’s clinical acumen, offers a holistic platform for individuals, couples, and families seeking enhanced well-being. The clinic’s strengths encompass client-centered approaches, online accessibility, and a nurturing therapeutic environment.

Triumph Hypnosis: Unlocking Personal Growth and Transformation2023-08-27T17:22:09+00:00

Triumph Hypnosis


Triumph Hypnosis is dedicated to facilitating personal growth and transformation through its diverse therapeutic offerings, led by Janet Nahirniak, a seasoned Master Hypnotist and Certified Hypnotherapist. The clinic’s focus revolves around empowering clients to overcome challenges and achieve their goals using holistic and transformative approaches.

  • Clinical Criteria: Triumph Hypnosis is led by Janet Nahirniak, a Certified Hypnotherapist with training from the Hypnotism Institute of Alberta. Her expertise is showcased through the variety of hypnosis services offered, addressing issues such as sleep, weight loss, confidence, anxiety, and smoking cessation.
  • Operational Criteria: While the governing body memberships remain undisclosed, Janet Nahirniak’s credentials and specialized training form the foundation of Triumph Hypnosis. The clinic offers online web booking for added convenience, although information on direct billing and remote/telehealth capabilities is unclear.
  • Reputation Criteria: Triumph Hypnosis enjoys a commendable online review volume of 13 and ranking of 5.0, reflecting the positive impact of Janet’s therapeutic interventions. Clients consistently express gratitude for her compassionate, insightful, and transformative approach, citing profound improvements in areas like anxiety, habits, and self-confidence.
  • Outreach Criteria: The clinic demonstrates inclusivity by offering sliding fee scale treatment services to low-income individuals, seniors, and current post-secondary students. However, partnerships and specific outreach initiatives for marginalized populations are not noted.
  • Marketing Criteria: Triumph Hypnosis maintains a modest online presence through Facebook and Google, while the absence of website authority and limited social media channels might warrant attention for broader visibility.

Conclusion: Triumph Hypnosis, under Janet Nahirniak’s guidance, showcases a strong commitment to empowering clients through personalized hypnotherapy services. The clinic’s success stories underscore its potential for transformative impact.

Anali Nicolle Hypnotherapy: Nurturing Transformative Healing2023-08-27T17:24:16+00:00

Anali Nicolle Hypnotherapy


Anali Nicolle Hypnotherapy, spearheaded by Ms. Anali Nicolle Darwish, a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist trained at the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta, is dedicated to providing a range of therapeutic services with a focus on new mothers, women’s health, children, and adolescents. Through a personalized approach, the clinic aims to guide clients towards transformation and holistic well-being.

  • Clinical Criteria: Ms. Anali Nicolle Darwish, equipped with her credentials from the Hypnotism Training Institute of Alberta, leads the clinic’s therapeutic interventions. Her services encompass a wide spectrum, from suggestion therapy and regression therapy to spiritual counseling, catering to a diverse array of needs.
  • Operational Criteria: Anali Nicolle Hypnotherapy operates as an independent entity, offering a convenient online form, email, or direct communication via mobile for appointment requests. However, the availability of direct billing and remote/telehealth sessions remains uncertain.
  • Reputation Criteria: With a notable online review ranking of 5.0, clients express high satisfaction levels with Ms. Anali Nicolle’s therapy sessions. They highlight her compassionate and transformative approach, praising her ability to provide insights, alleviate anxieties, and induce profound personal changes.
  • Outreach Criteria: The clinic does not detail specific outreach initiatives, partnerships, or inclusive programs targeting marginalized populations.
  • Marketing Criteria: Anali Nicolle Hypnotherapy maintains a moderate website authority and lacks a significant social media presence, which may present an opportunity for enhanced marketing strategies to expand the clinic’s reach.

Conclusion: Anali Nicolle Hypnotherapy, under the guidance of Ms. Anali Nicolle Darwish, embodies a compassionate approach to healing, particularly focused on supporting new mothers, women’s health, and young individuals.

Pandhi Counselling and Meditation: Cultivating Holistic Well-Being2023-08-27T17:22:29+00:00

Pandhi Counselling and Meditation

Pandhi Counselling and Meditation, led by Mr. Ajay Pandhi, stands as a therapeutic hub focused on promoting holistic well-being through a range of services. With a deep-rooted commitment to inclusivity and culturally sensitive approaches, the clinic endeavors to provide transformative support to individuals, couples, families, and marginalized populations.

  • Clinical Criteria: Mr. Ajay Pandhi, an experienced professional with credentials as a Registered Social Worker (RCSW) and a Qualified Meditator (Q-Med), serves as the driving force behind the clinic’s offerings. His mastery in clinical hypnosis, coupled with his holistic background, underscores the clinic’s diverse therapeutic interventions.
  • Operational Criteria: The clinic offers a variety of therapeutic options, including individual, couples, and family therapy, hypnotherapy, and meditation services. Direct billing for Alberta Blue Cross enhances accessibility, and a strong commitment to serving First Nations individuals with an anti-oppressive and decolonizing perspective is a notable strength.
  • Reputation Criteria: While lacking in online reviews and ranking, Pandhi Counselling and Meditation’s emphasis on culturally sensitive therapy for First Nations peoples and South Asian communities demonstrates its dedication to fostering positive transformations.
  • Outreach Criteria: The clinic’s engagement with First Nations communities and offering therapy in multiple languages reflects a commendable commitment to inclusivity and outreach.
  • Marketing Criteria: With a low website authority and a presence solely on LinkedIn, Pandhi Counselling and Meditation may have room for growth in terms of digital outreach and engagement.

Conclusion: Pandhi Counselling and Meditation, under the guidance of Mr. Ajay Pandhi, presents a unique blend of clinical expertise, cultural sensitivity, and holistic approaches. The clinic’s dedication to serving diverse populations and marginalized communities aligns well with its mission to facilitate meaningful transformations. As the clinic expands its online presence and garners client feedback, its ability to further amplify its positive impact will likely increase.

Alana Belik: Empowering Transformation Through Expertise2023-08-27T17:10:19+00:00

Alana Belik

Alana Belik offers a comprehensive range of services rooted in her diverse expertise. With an impressive array of qualifications and a strong commitment to helping clients overcome various challenges, the clinic strives to facilitate positive change through hypnotherapy, life coaching, and education.

  • Clinical Criteria: Ms. Alana Belik’s vast credentials, including Certified Master Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and qualifications in various therapeutic modalities, demonstrate her commitment to a multifaceted approach to healing and personal growth.
  • Operational Criteria: The clinic’s services encompass a broad spectrum, from hypnotherapy to life coaching and online certification. Ms. Belik’s specialization in addressing prevalent issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, weight loss, and more showcases her versatility.
  • Reputation Criteria: Alana Belik’s clinic boasts a remarkable 5.0 online review ranking though the volume of reviews is low at 13.  Clients laud her effective hypnotherapy training and therapy sessions.  They also highlight her comprehensive teaching style, client-centered approach, and ability to create a supportive learning environment.
  • Outreach Criteria: The clinic’s recognition through awards like “Top 3 Hypnotherapy in Edmonton – 2023,” “Best Business of 2023,” and “Best in Edmonton – Life Coach” underscores its positive impact and resonates with the community.
  • Marketing Criteria: While the clinic has earned notable awards, it could potentially enhance its digital reach and engagement through a stronger online presence and engagement on various platforms.

Conclusion: Alana Belik’s clinic is characterized by its commitment to transformation, education, and empowerment. Ms. Belik’s extensive qualifications and approachable teaching style, coupled with the clinic’s positive reputation and awards, position it as a hub for personal growth and healing.

In Pursuit of Exceptional Clinical Hypnotherapy Care: Navigating a Realm of Possibilities

Embarking on a journey of personal growth and well-being necessitates a careful selection of clinics that resonate with your individual needs. Within the realm of meticulously evaluated clinics provided here, each establishment stands as a testament to the provision of quality therapeutic interventions grounded in expertise, commitment, and empathy. It is important to note that every clinic featured on this esteemed list has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional service, ensuring that your unique journey is met with the utmost care and attention.

Should you discover that our clinic may not precisely align with your specific requirements, take solace in the fact that any of our esteemed colleagues mentioned here are primed to extend the same unwavering dedication and exceptional care. Whether you opt to engage with our services or opt for the offerings of another remarkable clinic highlighted in this compilation, you can rest assured that your well-being and distinct needs will remain the focal point. The decision to embark on a path of healing and self-discovery is a proactive one, and the clinics highlighted here are united by their unwavering commitment to accompany you on this transformative journey.

Specialists on our Team:

Anjali Nagda, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

Anjali Nagda 🇬🇧 🇮🇳

Position: Hypnotherapy
Categories: Addictions, Anxiety, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Concentration, Confidence Building, Creativity and Self-Development, Emotional Health, Enhancing Self-Esteem, Fertility, Gender Reassignment, Habit Disorders and Addictions, Headaches & Migraines, Inclusive Health, Insomnia and Sleep Health, Pain Management, Phobias, PTSD, Sexual Dysfunction and Relationship Problems, Sports Injury, Stress

Anjali, a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with an extensive academic background in Clinical Psychology, advocates for the powerful potential of hypnosis as a therapeutic tool. Anjali has a deep understanding of the power of the subconscious mind and is determined to restore the integrity of hypnotherapy, which has often been overshadowed by stage shows and pop-culture portrayals.

Her invaluable experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist at a De-addiction and Rehabilitation Center has afforded Anjali the opportunity to work closely with individuals grappling with addiction. Through her dedicated efforts, she focuses on identifying and addressing the underlying triggers that contribute to addictive behaviours.

Anjali abides by the mantra, “A tense mind can never exist in a relaxed body,” highlighting the importance of relaxation for holistic well-being.

She employs techniques such as Breathing Awareness and Mind-Body Relaxation and guides her clients to delve into target areas of the mind at profound levels. This approach facilitates sustainable improvements, empowering clients to overcome challenges and make lasting positive changes in their lives.

To enhance the effectiveness of the therapeutic process, Anjali encourages her clients to practice with session recordings as advised. By committing to this practice, individuals can reinforce the progress achieved during their sessions and further deepen their personal growth.

Anjali’s dedication to her clients’ well-being, combined with her expertise in Clinical Hypnotherapy and understanding of Clinical Psychology, make her a compassionate and effective guide on their journey towards transformation and healing.


  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Clinical and Applied Hypnotherapy
  • Masters in Clinical Psychology
  • B.A. Psychology, Journalism, English Literature


  • Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (RCH), Canada Association Of Counselling Hypnotherapists And Educators (CACHE)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist (CH) – National Guild of Hypnotists

Fluency: 🇬🇧 – English | 🇮🇳 – Hindi, Gujarati (fluent); Bengali, Punjabi (conversational)

Anjali Nagda, Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist

Anjali Nagda 🇬🇧 🇮🇳


Anjali, a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with an extensive academic background...

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