The benefits of acupuncture are sometimes difficult to measure, but many people find it helpful as a means to control a variety of painful conditions. Though the concept of holistic healing methods is difficult for some to explain or comprehend, a growing body of evidence is documenting empirical results from the medical practice. Recent research has reinforced acupuncture’s effectiveness in treating sports injuries, pain management, insomnia, anxiety, depression, migraines, arthritis and infertility.

While acupuncture has been used effectively for thousands of years, its effectiveness is often patient specific, and may be influenced by several factors including whether the care was provided by a registered and experienced acupuncturist, the quality of the treatment plan, the number of treatments, and compliance with any additional lifestyle, herbal, and/or dietary recommendations from your acupuncturist. At Red Leaf Wellness we prefer to work closely with your primary care physician, or other medical specialists, to ensure your treatment plan fully considers the recommendations and advice of the rest of your personal healthcare team.

You understand that results are never guaranteed, but that your chances of successful treatment may be increased by providing a fulsome medical history and also by taking an active part in your health journey.