Practitioner Benefits When Joining Our Established Wellness Practice

By Published On: December 6, 2020Categories: Acupuncture, Blog, Edmonton, Massage, Nutrition, Reiki

Traditional Chinese Medicine and holistic health encompass some of the oldest and most effective wellness treatments in the world. While it is tempting to start a new practice to attract long-term customers, it takes time and those who choose to do so face a bevy of unforeseen challenges.

Solo practitioners may find themselves juggling various responsibilities (appointment-booking, rescheduling, lease management, insurance handling, etc.) that distract them from clinical care itself. For someone starting in the field, the combination of stress and setbacks may prove overwhelming, undermining their interest and quality of practice.

By joining an established practice like Red Leaf Wellness, practitioners can focus on delivering the highest clinical service standards and take their minds away from miscellaneous administrative tasks and operational commitments.

Building a Better Culture

It takes time to create an atmosphere conducive to quality practice. Practitioners need to undergo trial and error and costly processes to gradually build rapport with their patients. Joining an established acupuncture clinic eliminates the wait of nurturing an ideal working sphere. Red Leaf Wellness offers what patients have described as a unique oasis that fosters comfort, tranquility, and trust.

Additionally, we maintain a robust online presence, resulting in consistently positive feedback from patients and staff. Our reputation precedes us, and we have the reviews and customer traffic to prove it.

Eliminate Commercial Risks 

Unforeseen circumstances such as the COVID situation results in a world of uncertainty, where financial commitments cause copious stress and distractions. We hold the commercial lease of the clinic so practitioners may unload one huge burden off their minds. (which might prove unsustainable early in their practice).

By doing so, we eliminate the risks of losing a place of practice during economic crises. Practitioners can have peace of mind to focus on doing their best work throughout the seasons.

Learn From the Experts 

Red Leaf Wellness firmly believes in providing exclusive on-the-job learning opportunities. Our senior practitioners believe in sharing their rich experience and insightful advice to help develop the skills of junior members in the Red Leaf Wellness family. Practitioners can look forward to knowledge sharing, mentorship and collaborative training sessions to elevate their practice to the next level.

Additionally, our clinic maintains a strong and expanding network of partnerships with other allied health providers so practitioners may enjoy the advantages of a dynamic referral system that enhances their professional reputation.

Thrive with an Established Practice 

We have built and improved our clinic over the years, optimizing administrative and patient management practices to yield the most cost-effective infrastructure and workflows. Additionally, we have shaped our tools and staff practices according to the ever-changing market trends to stay ahead of the curve. Practitioners can immediately enjoy advanced scheduling tools, insurance reimbursement, and intuitive paperless documentation for the most seamless work experience.

Receive Quality Support

Our support team oversees all administrative tasks so practitioners can invest their precious time in providing unparalleled clinical service. Fellow practitioners at Red Leaf Wellness collaborate to work out the best schedules to accommodate absences during vacations, breaks, and illnesses, with a focus on supporting each other and striving for work-life balance.

The secret to the Red Leaf Wellness team’s success lies in its ethos of maintaining a positive, close-knit community of friendly and helpful staff and practitioners.  We believe that everyone’s individual successes leads to the overall team success.

Optimize Patient Panels

We follow a cascade structure for patient panels, where senior practitioners will automatically transfer referrals to junior members in the case of work overflow. The practice provides practitioners with an organic boost toward establishing their patient panels. Our support team manages every patient panel closely, minimizing the risks of double-booking and omitted appointments.

Practice Around a Flexible Schedule

Our team values work-life balance and recognize the various commitments and needs of each practitioner. As such, we follow a flexible schedule that aims to prevent the dread of burnout and worker dissatisfaction. Through staggered practice hours and compressed workweeks, we aim to keep practitioners refreshed, focused, and functioning at their best. The art of acupuncture negates the stressors in life, and our work schedules aim to echo that principle.

Total Compensation Includes a Wide Range of Benefits

At Red Leaf Wellness, we offer competitive salaries and/or fee-splitting models focused on the highest possible remuneration, while at the same time surrounding practitioners with invaluable support services often neglected in other workplaces. We are extremely proud of the total compensation package we offer our team, and believe that employee retention comes from equal parts happiness, employment support, and earning potential. Because of the volume of traffic our clinic sees, as well as our collaborative, referral-based culture, a fee-splitting approach can significantly boost the careers of new practitioners early on who may otherwise struggle to gain market traction.

Practitioners can look forward to an impressive list of employment benefits and perks when joining our team:

  • Red Leaf Wellness values and prioritizes ensuring the greatest number of patients can access our services.  To keep our schedules optimized we provide practitioners with in-depth marketing and advertising support, including social media management, newsletters, and blog campaigns often spotlighting individual practitioners and their contributions.  All efforts are geared to ensuring you have the highest visibility to the community.
  • Similarly, we value professional progression, availing an annual professional development package to ensure our providers are always abreast of the latest treatments within their existing practice, or that they are stepping outside their comfort zone to learn new skills and competencies. Combined with mentorship from our senior practitioners and also the chance to join professional associations, new team members can elevate their practice to brave new heights.
  • Each staff member receives employee support services as part of the onboarding and employment journey with us. We work with a respected external human resources consultancy to ensure our operations and our team are well supported, inclusive, accommodating and compliant with all regulations.
  • We ensure key insurance provision are in place including workers’ compensation protection, employment insurance protection, and other Canada Revenue Agency source deductions and tax remittances on your behalf.

Red Leaf Wellness welcomes interested practitioners from all backgrounds and experiences to join our strong and mighty team. Speak with one of the team to learn how you can hop on board today! Together, we will keep the best of ancient Eastern and modern Western medicines going strong to provide patients with the best integrated treatments against their most troubling ailments.