Career Opportunities at Red Leaf Wellness: A Comprehensive Guide to Benefits, Professional Growth, and Unique Perks

Career Opportunities at Red Leaf Wellness: A Comprehensive Guide to Benefits, Professional Growth, and Unique Perks

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Welcome to Red Leaf Wellness, a sanctuary of healing and professional growth. Located in Edmonton’s Glenora district, we are a progressive, independently-owned wellness clinic that offers a unique blend of ancient Eastern and modern Western medicine. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the career opportunities, benefits, and unique perks that come with being a part of our team.

Why Choose Red Leaf Wellness?

  • The Power of Integrative, Multidisciplinary Care
    Being a part of our team means you’re contributing to a healthcare revolution. Our multidisciplinary approach allows for a seamless blend of different medical philosophies and practices. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse team of acupuncturists, naturopaths, massage therapists, holistic nutritionists, and other allied health professionals. This not only enriches your practice but also enhances patient care and contributes to your professional growth.
  • Fully-Equipped for Success
    We provide all the tools you’ll need to excel in your role. Our clinic is well-stocked with the latest equipment and supplies, ensuring you can focus on delivering exceptional care to your patients.
  • Stability and Structured Support
    We understand the value of a stable work environment, which is why we prioritize hiring employees over contractors. This approach provides structured support, including key insurance provisions like workers’ compensation and employment insurance. We handle all Canada Revenue Agency source deductions and tax remittances on your behalf, allowing you to focus on patient care.
  • Exceptional Compensation and Financial Freedom
    Our unique sliding scale compensation model is designed to maximize your earning potential. With lucrative commission rates for peak performers, you have the freedom to determine your income based on your workload and patient satisfaction. This model is particularly beneficial for new practitioners who may otherwise struggle to gain market traction.
  • Comprehensive Benefits and Support Services
    We offer a robust benefits package that includes not just financial remuneration but also invaluable support services often neglected in other workplaces. Our in-depth marketing and advertising support ensures you have the highest visibility in the community, thereby optimizing patient schedules and boosting your practice.

Pathways to Professional Growth

  • Employee Education Assistance Program
    We are committed to your lifelong learning and professional development. Our Employee Education Assistance Program is designed to financially support your educational pursuits, ensuring you are always abreast of the latest treatments and methodologies.  You will be amazed at the support you can receive for CEUs or for new skills to aid your career growth.
  • Mentorship
    We also offer mentorship opportunities and the chance to join professional associations, ensuring you’re always growing in your field.

Unique Perks at Red Leaf Wellness

  • Employee Referral Program
    Our Employee Referral Program is designed to involve you in shaping the work environment and collaborating with colleagues. This enhances job satisfaction and team dynamics, rewarding you with very lucrative bonuses for successful referrals.
  • Product Purchase Policy
    Our unique product purchase policy allows you to buy products at acquisition cost, facilitating both your practice and personal well-being.
  • Coffee Conversation Cards
    We believe in the power of meaningful conversations. Our Coffee Conversation Cards are designed to foster insightful dialogues with colleagues or potential team members, all while supporting local businesses.


Red Leaf Wellness is not just a workplace; it’s a community of like-minded professionals committed to revolutionizing healthcare. We invite practitioners from all backgrounds to join our team and contribute to our mission of providing integrated, patient-centered care.

What sets Red Leaf Wellness apart from other wellness clinics in terms of employee benefits?2023-08-30T05:58:14+00:00

At Red Leaf Wellness, we go beyond offering just a paycheck. We provide a comprehensive benefits package that includes not only competitive salaries but also invaluable support services often overlooked in other workplaces. Our unique sliding scale compensation model allows you to determine your income based on your workload and patient satisfaction. We also offer robust professional development opportunities, including an Employee Education Assistance Program and annual professional development packages.

How does the Employee Education Assistance Program work?2023-08-30T05:58:51+00:00

Our Employee Education Assistance Program is designed to support your lifelong learning and professional development. If you’ve been part of our team for at least a year, you’re eligible to apply for financial assistance for courses, programs, or certifications that are directly relevant to your current role or future career growth within the company. The program covers a wide range of costs, including tuition fees, examination fees, textbooks, and other required materials.

What kind of marketing and advertising support can I expect as a practitioner at Red Leaf Wellness?2023-08-30T06:00:04+00:00

At Red Leaf Wellness, we understand the importance of visibility in the community for the success of our practitioners. We offer in-depth marketing and advertising support that includes social media management, newsletters, and blog campaigns. These efforts often spotlight individual practitioners and their unique contributions to healthcare. Our marketing strategies are geared towards ensuring that you have the highest visibility in the community, thereby helping you build a strong patient panel.

What is Red Leaf Wellness’ approach to work-life balance?2023-08-30T06:00:33+00:00

Work-life balance is a core value at Red Leaf Wellness. We offer flexible scheduling options that aim to prevent burnout and enhance job satisfaction. Through staggered practice hours and compressed workweeks, we strive to keep our practitioners refreshed, focused, and functioning at their best. This flexibility allows you to tailor your work schedule around your personal commitments and needs, ensuring a harmonious balance between your professional and personal life.

What is the Employee Referral Program and how does it benefit me?2023-08-30T18:25:22+00:00

Our Employee Referral Program is designed to involve you in the recruitment process, enhancing job satisfaction and team dynamics. For each successful referral that leads to a new hire, you could receive multiple lucrative individual bonuses at key milestones. This program is open to all employees, regardless of their position, and aims to build a strong workforce by attracting top talent that aligns with our hiring targets.

Why Does Red Leaf Wellness Prefer to Hire Employees Over Contractors?2023-08-30T06:28:37+00:00

At Red Leaf Wellness, we prioritize hiring employees over contractors for several key reasons that align with both our organizational goals and government regulations. According to the Canadian Revenue Agency’s guide RC4110, the employment status of an individual has implications not just for income tax but also for contributions to Employment Insurance and the Canadian or Quebec pension plan.

  • Stability and Ongoing Relationship: Employees usually have a continuous relationship with their employer, which is beneficial for both the clinic and the practitioner in terms of stability and long-term planning.
  • Control and Quality: As an employer, Red Leaf Wellness maintains a level of control that ensures the quality of care provided meets our high standards. This is harder to guarantee with contractors who operate more independently.
  • Tools and Equipment: Employees are provided with the necessary tools and equipment, which are also maintained by the clinic. Contractors, on the other hand, would need to invest in their own tools and be responsible for maintenance.
  • Financial Risk and Benefits: Employees are generally not at financial risk and are entitled to benefits such as our Employee Education Assistance Program., which are not usually available to contractors.
  • Regulatory Compliance: To be considered a contractor, an individual must meet several criteria such as doing their own source deductions, being incorporated, bringing their own supplies, and being at financial risk. These criteria are often difficult to meet in the context of our clinic’s operations.
  • Lucrative Compensation Model: Our compensation model is particularly beneficial for staff who work exclusively for us. According to CRA guidelines, working exclusively for one organization is usually indicative of an employee-employer relationship, meaning that whether or not both parties agreed to a contractor relationship, CRA may determine it is actually an employer-employee relationship. Even if a contract states that a worker is a contractor, the CRA will look at the actual nature of the work relationship. This is crucial because it means that merely labeling someone as a contractor doesn’t make them one in the eyes of the law.
  • Risks of Incorrect Classification: The risks of not treating this situation correctly include assessments from the CRA where interest and penalties could be levied after an audit. This underscores the importance of being diligent in classifying workers correctly.
  • Financial Dependence: Our lucrative compensation model is designed to be most beneficial for those who work exclusively for us, aligning with the criterion of financial dependence on a single organization as a strong indicator of an employee relationship.
  • Intention of the Parties: We make it clear from the outset that we are establishing an employee-employer relationship, complete with benefits like educational assistance, which is usually indicative of an employee status.
  • Chance of Profit/Risk: Our employees are not at financial risk, further solidifying their status as employees.

By incorporating these points, we offer a more nuanced and comprehensive explanation for our preference for hiring employees. This not only aligns with our organizational goals but also ensures that we are in compliance with CRA guidelines.


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