Vision Acupuncture


Vision Acupuncture is a highly specialized acupuncture clinic for ocular disorders, which they address by providing a comprehensive range of traditional Chinese medicine services. Their holistic approach incorporates acupuncture, nutrition counseling, acupressure massage, and other therapeutic modalities to promote overall well-being and health.

What the Evidence Shows:

  • Clinical Criteria: Vision Acupuncture offers specialized acupuncture treatments for degenerative eye disease, complemented by a wide array of services, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutrition and lifestyle support, natural medicine, photobiomodulation, and acupressure massage. They have a registered acupuncturist on staff whose comprehensive approach aims to support and enhance overall well-being and visual health.
  • Operational Criteria: The clinic has one experienced acupuncturist trained in treating vision loss. They offer direct billing.
  • Reputation: Vision Acupuncture has established a strong reputation for their specialized treatments and holistic approach to vision health, garnering a small volume of 25 positive reviews and holds an impressive overall average of 5 stars.  Specific feedback indicates high patient satisfaction and positive outcomes.
  • Outreach: No specific partnerships or community engagement were noted.