Park Integrative Health

Park Integrative is a multidisciplinary clinic in Sherwood Park offering a wide range of acupuncture services, including herbal medicine, energetic healing and nutrition consulting.  Their acupuncturists have a strong focus on women’s health issues and integrative care plans.  Their mission is to empower every individual to achieve their utmost state of health and wellness. They do so by fostering collaboration among their team of dedicated professionals, who work together to address the root cause(s) of illness and injuries.

What the Evidence Shows:

    • Clinical Criteria: Park Integrative provides comprehensive acupuncturist services with expertise in reproductive health, musculoskeletal concerns, and shamanism which allows them to create unique treatment plans.  At least one practitioner is a member of ABORM (American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine), reinforcing fertility care as a key strength.  They also have a unique long-covid treatment program.
    • Operational Criteria: The clinic has a team of three active acupuncturists, and is supported by a robust, highly skilled management team which allows them to surround their practitioners with effective business supports. They conveniently offer direct billing services.  
    • Reputation: Park Integrative has built a strong reputation through positive online reviews and recognition in the form of awards (Entrepreneur of the Year 2019), demonstrating their commitment to excellence in client care and service provision. They have received positive online reviews, with a volume of 222 and a ranking of 4.8.
    • Outreach: Park Integrative actively engages with the community to extend their services and promote holistic well-being.  Crucially, the clinic has a Medical Doctor who serves as the Director of the Integrative Health Network at the University of Alberta. She possesses a keen interest in integrative health, leading the way to introduce enabling frameworks for better coordination of care across various health disciplines.