Accessible Acupuncture


Accessible Acupuncture is a small clinic, but with a strong focus on women’s health, offering both acupuncture and doula services. Their acupuncturist specializes in fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and women’s/uterus health. Moreover, they have expertise in addressing peripheral neuropathy and chronic pain & injury, ensuring accessible and inclusive care for all their patients.

What the Evidence Shows:

  • Clinical Criteria: Accessible Acupuncture offers acupuncture and doula services, with a Registered Acupuncturist on staff. They excel in providing care for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, women’s/uterus health, peripheral neuropathy, and chronic pain & injury, ensuring a comprehensive range of services for their patients. 
  • Operational Criteria: Operating with one acupuncturist, the clinic holds a unique centralized location in the Hys Center, allowing them to offer specialized and personalized treatments in a variety of areas in close proximity to other health professionals. Additionally, their space is fully accessible, providing easy access for individuals with disabilities.
  • Reputation: Accessible Acupuncture has garnered a small number of 51 positive reviews and an overall ranking of 4.9. Patients have praised the clinic’s services and care.
  • Outreach: Accessible Acupuncture has a strong focus on women’s health and inclusivity, fostering community connections that prioritize the well-being of women and create an accessible and welcoming environment for all patients.