Yes, financing is available.  Here is why we offer it.

At Red Leaf Wellness, our commitment is to make quality healthcare accessible to everyone. We understand that when public health coverage is not available, the cost of private healthcare can be a significant burden. To ensure that financial barriers do not prevent you from accessing the care you need, we have partnered with Gratify Pay, an independent third-party agency. This partnership allows us to offer flexible financing options, connecting you with trusted financial support to manage the costs of health services more effectively. Our clinic does not benefit from these financing arrangements; we simply connect you to Gratify Pay to see if this option meets their needs.

Steps to Access Financing:

  1. Pre-Qualification: Visit the pre-qualification page to see if you qualify for financing through Gratify Pay. Please note that we do not control this process, and any pre-qualification details you choose to share with Gratify Pay are private between you and them.  Your financial details are not shared with us.
  2. Notify Us: Let us know that you are interested in our hormone health program and that you have pre-qualified for financing. Indicate your preferred term length.
  3. Application Process: We will enter your details into the Gratify portal and they will send you their application link to complete.
  4. Approval: Once you are fully approved, we will simply be notified that you have been authorized for financing.

Important Information:

  • All financing terms and conditions are managed by Gratify Pay.
  • For any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your financing arrangement, please contact Gratify Pay directly.

To get started with the pre-qualification process, please click here.