Nutrition Over the Holidays – Balancing Feast & Health

By Published On: November 21, 2015Categories: Blog, Nutrition

The holidays are right around the corner! Holidays that for most are full of family and friends, a whole lot of comfort foods, baked goodies, and potentially partaking in a few more libations then usual.  Here are some tidbits to combat the nutritional challenge over the holidays.

Like most people, we try to eat healthy where we can, but the holidays don’t have to mean throwing all health out the window for a week of excess, bloat, indigestion, and brain fog. Remember that old adage, “it’s all about moderation”? It holds a lot of weight (pardon the pun). I’m not going to lecture on what you should or should not be eating and drinking over the holidays, I’ll be enjoying some extras too…I’m only going to ask of you what your body is already asking…please be kind to it and provide it some help along the way. Your gut is responsible for approximately 80% of your body’s immunity…so if you’re not good to your gut, the rest of your body systems begin to pay the price.

Try starting off your day right with a morning smoothie to help replenish the lost vitamins and minerals from the night before, or better yet, start making it a regular part of your dietary routine.   Keep in mind that your smoothie shouldn’t be a “sugar bomb” consisting only of fruit that spikes your blood sugars upwards and then crashes down shortly thereafter sending you back to the refrigerator. Moderate with low glycemic, fibrous fruits such as apples, antioxidant-full berries, apricots, grapes, oranges, peaches, pears, and plums. Add in some raw, dark-leafy greens and/or beets, avocado, broccoli, celery, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, romaine lettuce, parsley, or bok choy. The possibilities are endless, but the one thing that is absolutely necessary to include is a good quality protein powder, whether that is in the form of pea, rice, or soy. A couple that I recommend are Juice Plus Complete or ClearVite (by Apex Energetics). There are others, you just have to do a bit of research. Your body waits a long time to be fed again from last night’s dinner to breakfast, and in order for the brain and our cells to function properly, it needs the proper protein and glucose for cellular energy.

Lastly…stay hydrated and add a probiotic to your day! This will replenish your gut flora and the extra fluids will keep your bowels happy and moving as well as keeping the brain fog at bay. Your body will thank you, I promise!  It really is possible to have proper nutrition over the holidays.  ????

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Happy holidays!

~ Tammy