How Can Acupuncture Help Maintain a Healthy Hormonal Balance?

By Published On: April 5, 2016Categories: Acupuncture, Blog, Women's Health

Acupuncture is a recognized practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that can help with numerous health and body issues across a vast spectrum. Acupuncture essentially seeks to treat conditions through the manipulation of the body’s Qi (chee) or internal energy.

Acupuncture abides by the Yin-Yang theory where Yin is symbolized as water and Yang as fire. In the body, we can see Yin as blood and fluids, and Yang as energy and warmth. In TCM, the interactions between these elements can cause an imbalance in the body if there are existing abnormalities. In order to bring these two elements into harmony, harmful energy must be released.

Female Hormonal Balance

Hormones play a crucial role in how our body and mind function. They directly affect everything from our metabolism to our sleep-wake-cycles and everything in between.

In the realm of gynecology, the hormone estrogen plays the role of Yin, while progesterone plays the role of Yang. The fluctuating hormones in the menstrual cycle move through various phases which activate the Yin and Yang in different ways.

Menstrual Phase – Estrogen is the predominant hormone. The body is at a low temperature phase and the Yin begins to grow.

Post Menstrual Phase – Estrogen remains the predominant hormone and the lowest temperature is reached. The Yin is “extreme” and is ready to transform into Yang.

Ovulation Phase – Estrogen and Progesterone are working together. The body is at its highest temperature and Yin has transformed into Yang.

Luteal Phase – Progesterone is the predominant hormone and the highest body temperature phase is sustained as the Yang grows.

Key Areas in Acupuncture Treatment

Kidney – Studies show that stimulating the release of a specific hormone called Gonadotropin has successfully helped many balance their hormones. This is found in the area of the Kidney’s energy line.

Liver and Gallbladder – They are considered a Yin-Yang pair. The liver stores all the blood and oversees the menstrual cycle, characteristically of Yin. The Gallbladder excretes bile to break down food – a yang action.

Ren/Du Channels – The Ren Channel runs along the midline of the front of body, while the Du channel runs along the same line on the back of the body. These energy lines regulate the balance between the brain and the heart. Studies have shown that specific points along these lines relate to both men and women’s reproductive systems and stimulating release through acupuncture can help with hormone-related issues.

High levels of unreleased energy and stress deep in the body can manifest into a general stress response, which involves a variety of hormones. How our body responds to stress is very important as it can be the determinate of our health and our hormonal balance. A number of conditions related to female hormonal imbalance include menstrual disorders, fibroids, cysts, Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, infertility and frequent UTIs, to name a few. Under our specialized care, we can help to ensure that your hormonal balance is maintained for optimum health and wellbeing.