Acupuncture and Breech Presentation

By Published On: May 20, 2016Categories: Acupuncture, Blog, Reproductive Health, Women's Health

When a woman gives birth, the baby’s position as it exits the birth canal is crucial to ensure its safety. When a baby is said to be breeched, it means the baby is coming out feet first versus coming out head first. This can present complications such as limb displacement and blood circulation deficiencies.

C-sections are often the protocol for breech babies. However, many women are concerned about of the risks involved with such a procedure such as infections, bleeding, longer hospital stays and extended healing time.

This is why traditional Chinese medicine practices such as moxibustion – a specific kind of acupuncture for breech presentation – is a sought-after treatment for early breech presentations.

How it Works

Moxa is an herb that is used by Chinese medicine herbalists. The herb is burned next to acupuncture points of the foot (the small toe) stimulating various other acupuncture points in the body that are connected to the uterus.

The flow of energy follows a deep pathway, and the heat increases placental estrogen. This increases the baby’s heart rate causing it to move around into the right position.

It’s important to have this treatment done as soon as you’re aware of the breech position – and works best between weeks 34 and 36 of pregnancy.

Typically, the treatment is done by an acupuncture practitioner who will then let you take the herbs home in order to continue the treatments daily. Within 5 days, it is important to return to your practitioner to check the progress of the baby’s position.


A study published by the US National Institute of Health Library of Medicine stated as a key conclusion that:

“Moxibustion creates a better chance of vaginal birth for expectant mothers. Of the women who were successful in turning their babes using moxibustion, 88% went on to have a normal birth and 12% had a C-section. Moxibustion also significantly increases version from a breech presentation to a cephalic presentation [normal birth position] where there are fewer side effects reported, if the woman is multiparous and has support during the administration of the moxibustion treatment.”

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